Policy Papers - April 11, 2023 Canadian Climate Security: Implications and Ways


Policy Papers - April 11, 2023 Canadian Climate Security: Implications and Ways

14 Apr 2023

6 Implications of Climate Threats to National Security Part One of this series established the threats to Canadian national security as Arctic security and sovereignty, international instability, and the overburdening of the CAF. [...] Implications of Climate Threats to Human Security Part One found the primary threats to human security were food and water security in both the Canadian North and South, health security, and economic security.[32] Recent analyses have placed food and water security as the most urgent of climate threats globally, predicting them to be “significant-to- catastrophic in the next two decades.”[33] Ther. [...] Overarching Implications Based upon the examination of these relationships in the preceding sections, with the help of figure 1, it becomes apparent that the threats with the most weaknesses are tied to the Arctic (both national and human security) and economic threats (human security and political stability). [...] In fact, likely the largest threat to national security militarily will be the response to human security — the overburdening of the CAF due to domestic emergency response, which will impact operations and training.[56] In the October 2022 Reconstitution Directive, the CAF announced a major shift in its posture and is now prioritizing the training and education of its members, as CAF personnel and. [...] In Part One, and in our analysis of the implications to national security in the first half of this paper, we reiterated the threat of armed attack to Canada remains minute, and that military solutions may in some cases worsen the situation with our closest allies.[97] The largest threat to Canadian sovereignty remains disagreement from adversaries and allies alike on the legitimacy of Canadian ma.
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