cover image: POVERTY, THE PANDEMIC AND THE PROVINCE - Manitoba Child and Family Poverty, February 2023 39.2%


POVERTY, THE PANDEMIC AND THE PROVINCE - Manitoba Child and Family Poverty, February 2023 39.2%

16 Feb 2023

Manitoba is the province compare to the rest of Canada? Is it getting better or worse? What do the Only the Territory of Nunavut has with the highest child numbers say about the link between a higher rate of child poverty at poverty rate of any racism and poverty? How much do 28.09%. [...] The analysis is based on families with children the median, the point halfway between ranges between $13,289 the poverty threshold and the income of a family with a child with the lowest and $14,950, indicating income as an indicator of the disposable that the children of income of a typical family in poverty… The gap between, the median and the families in poverty Census Family Low Income Measure. [...] ‘record’ of being the • building a strong baseline of Given Manitoba’s ‘record’ of being the province with the publicly available data as a basis for province with the highest rates of child monitoring and measuring progress; and family poverty, we would all benefit highest rates of child and if our government worked to fulfill its and family poverty, we commitment to Jordan’s Principle by • expan. [...] The Children aging out of These numbers point to the reality that stories of the young people and families the child welfare system the CFS care system is a direct path to we work with are heartbreaking, complex and preventable. [...] 7 experiencing poverty as adults.4 Manitoba have not been enacted and documents such as the UN Convention In November of 2018 MLA Bernadette on the Right of the Child have not been Smith introduced an amendment to respected.8 the Child and Family Services Act that prevents the government from making The very existence of our organizations is The stories of the young apprehensions due to poverty.
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