cover image: Language and the Land - RAYMOND SEWELL


Language and the Land - RAYMOND SEWELL

9 Mar 2023

They tell you what the trees were doing, the skies, us access to our languages, our cultural knowledge was debased, and the wind, what the animals were doing – our stories include the we lost our nomenclature and data sovereignty. [...] The words are sewn into the fabric of the land, as the land project cultivated the land at will. [...] In spending time with elders on the land, I experienced that The normative systems embedded in Indigenous language are a threat l’nui’suti, the language, holds the philosophies of our people. [...] All of this is present in the language; we of European languages were used to change the thought patterns in encoded so much cultural meaning in the Indigenous names and our minds, to make us conform to colonial exploitation. [...] Our technology worked within the means of the Lescarbot represents the thinking that drove the colonial project.
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