Legal Bulletin: Issue 4
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Legal Bulletin: Issue 4

14 February 2023


In smaller communities, being in the courthouse is also difficult for litigants because people are likely to know many, if not all, of the other people in the courthouse. [...] Recommendations to Address the Lack of Space Paging Systems Interview Rooms Parking Lot Trailer We recommend creating Interview rooms need to be For courthouses that paging systems where clerks available in courthouses for lack additional space to provide people with either court-users to meet with their incorporate interview rooms on-premises paging (like lawyers and to have private and separate. [...] This designated virtual space may be a small room within the courthouse that includes a device to allow a person to attend court virtually instead of having to be physically present in the courtroom. [...] Family Violence & Family Law | Legal Bulletin | 4 About the FVFL Community of Practice With the support of our local community of practice, the FREDA Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children is actively engaging in research and knowledge mobilization as part of the Supporting the Health of Survivors of Family Violence in Family Law (FVFL) Proceedings project. [...] This is a Canada-wide project with the aim of building the capacity of health and social service professionals to work safely and effectively with survivors of family violence.

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