cover image: Privacy Pursuit! What is Privacy? Grades: 2-3 Teacher’s version


Privacy Pursuit! What is Privacy? Grades: 2-3 Teacher’s version

17 Apr 2023

1 Learning Outcomes Students will understand the following key concepts/big ideas: Digital media are networked • Devices that are connected to the internet are all connected to each other • Devices that are connected to the internet send information to each other Digital media have unanticipated audiences • Things that you do with devices connected to the internet may be seen by people you don’t k. [...] Mario Kart Live, Cloud Pets) • Video doorbells Then have students discuss: What does it mean if a toy is connected to the internet? If you were playing with a talking doll or toy, what could the people who make it learn about you know? Let students discuss this for a few minutes and then explain that when something is connected to the internet, we say it is a networked device. [...] That means it is connected to devices that are connected to other devices, so that every device that is connected to the internet is connected in some way to every other connected device. [...] If you are playing with a networked toy, for instance, or watching a video on a networked device like a phone or tablet, the computers they’re connected to are sending things to you (what the toy will say or do next) but you are also sending things to them (what you say to the toy, what video you choose, how much of it you watch, and so on.) 3 What is Privacy? Now display or distribute page four. [...] Have the class develop a Dos and Don’ts list together and then turn it into posters that you can put up in your classroom, the halls and the school library.


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