Type NGO
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Year founded 1994
Location Ottawa, ON Canada Canada
Functions Advocacy
Tags digital literacy media literacy
Summary MediaSmarts is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization for digital and media literacy. Their vision is that children, youth and trusted adults have the critical thinking skills to engage with media as active and informed digital citizens.

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MediaSmarts · 23 May 2023 English

The findings from YCWW are used to set benchmarks for research on children’s use of the internet, technology, and digital media and have informed policy on the digital economy, privacy, …

MediaSmarts · 4 May 2023 English

Have them list all of the paid apps (ones that you pay to purchase, that have a subscription fee, or that include in-app purchases) that they use in the left-hand …

MediaSmarts · 1 May 2023 English

We asked the following questions to prompt the development and discussion of these recommendations: • What do you think is missing from this approach/ these processes for combatting misinformation and …

MediaSmarts · 26 April 2023

We also include reflections from members of the research and education teams at MediaSmarts, who facilitated the evaluation activity, and a summary of reporting processes across the four platforms to …

MediaSmarts · 17 April 2023 English

In the table on the other side of the page, list the app’s features in the left-hand column. [...] Make sure you think about: • Filling in your profile • …

MediaSmarts · 17 April 2023 English

1 Learning Outcomes Students will understand the following key concepts/big ideas: Digital media are networked • Devices that are connected to the internet are all connected to each other • …

MediaSmarts · 17 April 2023 English

I understand the need to ensure the physical and logical security of a digital environment • I am careful to only share the personal data that is absolutely necessary to …

MediaSmarts · 17 March 2023

LGBTQ+ youth (50%, compared to 33% of heterosexual youth), white youth (41%, compared to 33% of racialized youth), and youth with a disability (45%, compared to 30% of youth without …

MediaSmarts · 16 February 2023 English

YCWW Meanness EN ONLINE MEANNESS AND CRUELTY Phase IV of Young Canadians in a Wireless World Canada’s most comprehensive study on young people’s digital lives This data was collected during …

MediaSmarts · 16 February 2023 English

Online meanness and cruelty MediaSmarts © 2023 12 Experiencing Online Meanness and Cruelty About one-third (32%) of youth say they have experienced some form of online meanness or cruelty and …

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