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No. 2 February 2023

13 Feb 2023

All it proves is that the individuals who have usurped the reins of power are not fit to government and that it is up to the people to provide the definition of the principle of universality and what is required to affirm the right of Canadians to healthcare. [...] The same rights are given to the Crown under Section 61 of the Quebec Mining Act which stipulates: "A claim registered in favour of the state remains in force for the period and on the conditions determined by the Minister, who may dispose of it for the price and subject to the conditions determined by the Government."[1] What these examples show is that past and present governments in Quebec have. [...] The passing of the first mining legislation in British Columbia and Quebec -- particularly in the Beauce region -- resonates to this day and is the enactment, as it were, of the free mining principle in Canada, which is in non-compliance with Indigenous Peoples' ancestral and land rights and curtails the discretionary powers of the State. [...] Smith in the article titled "The Story of the Missing 'S.'" At the time Erica Daes, Chair of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations, told the Plenary Session of the World Conference, "I share the pain and disappointment of Indigenous Peoples at the use of the term people. [...] 27 Chief Deskaheh in 1921 travelled to England to bring the matter to the attention of the highest authority of the Crown, George V, to remind his majesty of Crown agreements and duty to his people, and to plead the case of the Six Nations and seek justice.
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