INSIGHT: GREATER CHINA - Hong Kong cuts directly elected seats in district
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INSIGHT: GREATER CHINA - Hong Kong cuts directly elected seats in district

4 May 2023


Once the plan is passed in the Legislative Council, Hong Kong is planning a series of reforms for its expected by July 2023, any candidate eyeing one of district councils (DCs) aimed at ‘de-politicizing’ these the 176 committee seats will need to secure nine bodies and pivoting their focus to community-level nominations — three each from the three committees. [...] The overhaul effectively amplifies the city government’s influence during local elections and Candidates running for any of the 88 competitive gives Hongkongers less of a say at the ballot box, seats must gather 50 nominations from local which may overshadow the government’s promise of residents, in addition to the nine from these three “increased efficiency.” committees. [...] that the reform would prioritize national security, ensure that “patriots rule,” and exhibit “executive Under the new system, the government will appoint dominance” to better address residents’ needs. [...] Having witnessed the pan- Starting with the Southern District on April 30, democrats’ sweeping victory in the 2019 election a new set of “teams” called Community Services and the anti-police motions passed by the Kowloon and Community Care Teams will be set up across City district council in 2020, the city government Hong Kong’s 18 districts in 2023. [...] Pan-democratic DC the care teams are “service frameworks” focusing members’ mass resignation in 2021, following the on supporting residents in need and relaying city government’s controversial requirement for all government information, many expect these new DC members to swear an oath declaring allegiance groupings to take over some tasks previously to the government and the Basic Law, prompted t.

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