Africa: Year in Review 2019 1
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Africa: Year in Review 2019 1

10 January 2020


Amid rising tensions and conflict in the Gulf, another contributor analyzes how the Gulf States are attempting to influence transitions in the Horn of Africa to their advantage and what role the U. [...] The AfCFTA is one of the flagship projects of the First Ten-Year Implementation Plan (2014-2023) under the AU’s Agenda 2063—”The Africa We Want.” Realistically, what do Africans really want? The AfCFTA emphasizes the reduction of tariffs and non-tariff barriers, and the facilitation of free movement of people and labor, right of residence, right of establishment, and investment. [...] Member nations of the African Union vary in their preparedness to execute the requirements of the agreement and its related protocols and annexes. [...] “Kandakadas” became the icons of the revolution, inspired by the fighting queens of the kingdoms of Kush, Méroé, and Nubia. [...] With the signing of the 2018 peace agreement, families divided by the border dispute were reunited and the hope for peace and stability in the volatile Horn of Africa was high.

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