cover image: INSIGHT: NORTHEAST ASIA - Debate rages in Japan over whether to


INSIGHT: NORTHEAST ASIA - Debate rages in Japan over whether to

9 May 2023

In 2005, the Throughout Japan, pro-constitutionalists and ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) released draft constitutional revisionists gathered on May 3 outlines for constitutional revision, including the to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the deletion of Article 9. [...] In April, even the ruling LDP’s junior one, clarification of the Self-Defense Forces (SDF); coalition partner, the Komeito, opposed the LDP’s two, provision for emergency situations; three, proposals for the first time over fears that the revision enhancement of education, and; four, elimination of could limitlessly expand the scope of SDF activities. [...] News, Mainichi Shimbun, Japan News Network, and The reaffirmation of the LDP’s efforts to amend the NHK conducted separate polls, showcasing heavily constitution, regardless of the prime minister’s faction, divided opinions. [...] Constitutional revisions beyond Article 9 IMPLICATIONS Article 9 is the most hotly debated aspect The 1946 constitution remains the oldest unamended of constitutional revision proposals, often constitution in the world. [...] S.-authorized creation of the National Police majority in both houses of the National Diet followed Reserve during the Korean War, which later became by a nationwide referendum in which a simple majority the SDF.
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