cover image: GWL Realty Advisors — 2022 Annual Review


GWL Realty Advisors — 2022 Annual Review

26 May 2023

We CLIENTS AND SERVICES are trusted stewards of our clients’ assets and the places Our clients are primarily pension funds and institutional and where our tenants work, and our residents live. [...] With the right team and strategy in place and the backing In 2022, we delivered strong performance with an overall of one of Canada’s oldest and most trusted financial We are confident that portfolio rate-of-return of 5.1%, which outperformed the institutions, we are confident in our ability to continue to we have the people and MSCI Canada Property Index by 380 basis points. [...] In short, reconnecting in the office reminds us that we are part of We also got creative and found ways to integrate art and something bigger, that our individual contributions matter culture into our buildings — much to the delight of our and that our hard work is paying off. [...] We established a formal safeguard the program to manage our road to compliance privacy of our When it comes to technology and data with the new Quebec privacy legislation tenants and management, for example, it is critical that as well as executing plans to ensure we we take all the necessary precautions to meet our obligations under the Charter of residents. [...] This includes how we leverage data and insights to drive the work our colleagues perform to improve our buildings and ensure they meet the needs of our tenants and residents.
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