cover image: Final 2- The New Indo-Pacific Horizon edited version 2


Final 2- The New Indo-Pacific Horizon edited version 2

3 May 2023

A does one draw the westernmost frontier of the review of the participant’s resumes suggests Indo-Pacific? I think that the committee decided, quite rightly, to terminate the Indo- that four members were selected on the basis Pacific at the Khyber Pass. [...] On the one hand, one could of the committee’s deliberations as to what argue that the forty nations covered in the constituted the “Indo-Pacific”. [...] On the other hand, often attributed to the late Shinzo Abe, the the Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Japanese prime minister, but the term began and Perth are among the greatest recipients of to appear in the literature some years before Canadian foreign direct investment, a critical his usage in 2007. [...] No other weapon system and submarines—are the coin of the realm in the Canadian arsenal has this nuanced and maritime contestation is the order of the versatility. [...] Increasingly, of the Tibetans, the Rohingyas, and the a 1.5 degree centigrade rise in overall global Uyghurs, (to name but a few of the ethnic temperatures is seen to be not only groups who have been victims of human unachievable but even delusionary.24 When rights abuses across the region) the need for we look at the loss rates for biodiversity the greater attention—and action—on the human situat.
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