cover image: Cool Walkability Planning - 1 June 2023 Summary


Cool Walkability Planning - 1 June 2023 Summary

1 Jun 2023

Currently, most buildings and neighborhoods have CWI ratings of E (incomplete and largely unshaded sidewalks and paths) or D (complete but largely unshaded sidewalks and paths) to nearby services and activities. [...] If shadeway and pedway investments allow road, parking and vehicle costs to decline 5% to 20% they will more than repay costs investments and provide other economic, social and environmental benefits. [...] Figure 22 Shadeway and Pedway Value Flow Shadeway and Pedway Investments Shadeway and pedway investments can ↓ Better Walking Conditions improve walking conditions, which ↓ increases walking, and therefore More Walking Less Driving enjoyment and health. [...] They experience economics of scale – they become more effective and cost- effective are they expand and connect more people (potential customers and employees), businesses, and services, so property owners should be encouraged or required to connect and support to them. [...] Shadeway and pedway costs can be minimized if they are integrated into building and urban village planning and implemented in conjunction with parking reforms and transportation demand management strategies.


Todd Litman

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