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31 May 2023

The Accessibility Plan outlines the NWMO’s strategy for preventing and removing barriers for persons with disabilities and meets the obligations under the Accessible Canada Regulations and the ACA. [...] The IDE Committee plays a consultative role in the development of the EE Plan and supports the implementation and communication of its goals and activities. [...] Data obtained from the survey was used in the development of the updated EE Plan and related initiatives, including the development of the Accessibility Plan. [...] A thorough review of the NWMO’s recruitment processes and job postings is a short-term goal to ensure that the accommodation process and accessibility features of the built environment are clearly communicated to candidates at the application stage to support their application and overall successful candidacy at the NWMO. [...] The intention of the tool is to extend the reach of accessibility and inclusion awareness to any person responsible for creating a policy in the organization by answering a few questions on the topic to assess whether accessibility and inclusion are factored into their policy.
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