June 22, 2023 Claude Doucet Secretary General Canadian Radio-television and
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June 22, 2023 Claude Doucet Secretary General Canadian Radio-television and

22 June 2023


Taking into account both the dysfunction of the current wholesale access framework to enable services-based competition and the failures of infrastructure funding programs to enable non-incumbent facilities buildout in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities, we conclude that the regulatory approach of the CRTC in combination with the policy approach of Innovation, Science and Economic Developme. [...] In the interests of promoting affordable, sustainable, and vibrantly competitive retail Internet services to the fullest extent possible in Canada, the Commission should structure the wholesale HSA framework in a manner that ensures fast and easy market entry for new service providers and protects the viability of wholesale-based providers in the medium and long term; this includes, but is not lim. [...] We agree with the Commission that the collection of industry data through the Data Collection System, and the release of this data through the Communications Market Reports, should remain a practice to inform people in Canada about the latest trends impacting the telecommunications market. [...] We submit to the Commission that it is essential to track the affordability of retail Internet services, and to use this data to evaluate the success of the wholesale access regime. [...] The laws and government action protect the incumbents who own all or most of the infrastructure to set prices as they see fit to the detriment of the customer/citizens of this country.

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