cover image: P ICES P RESS - Intersessional Science Board Meeting 2023 — InI nTh tihsi Iss issuseu:e:


P ICES P RESS - Intersessional Science Board Meeting 2023 — InI nTh tihsi Iss issuseu:e:

25 Jun 2023

the connection between humanity and the ocean, the challenges the global ocean faces, and the need for Norway is one of the keenest countries to engage in humanity to take action to address the those challenges tackling the social-environmental-ecological issues now and in the future. [...] A series of international “Atlantification and borealization in the Barents Sea and and local meetings, workshops and activities were held to adjacent Arctic Ocean.” She shared scientific evidence on appreciate the ocean’s contribution to human wellbeing the rapidly changing marine environment and its impacts and pioneer more sustainable uses of the ocean. [...] also gave an overview of the affiliated ‘Global Ecosystem for Ocean Solutions’ (GEOS) Programme, which aims to Near the end of the day, the organizers and participants develop and deploy a series of equitable, durable, and of each of the ECCWO workshops met in plenary to scalable ocean-based solutions for addressing climate review their activities and discussions and identify areas change and Ocea. [...] a network of CVA practitioners and other interested parties to facilitate the sharing of outcomes, processes and In addition to the presentations, an important feature lessons learned to support the understanding of climate of the session was four dedicated discussion times that impacts more broadly. [...] These robust discussions led to deeper dives of Climate Change on Cultural and Natural Heritage,” and into the presented topics and the implications for, and to encourage the submission of relevant manuscripts for of, CVAs.
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