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Q uarterly - Supporting LGBTQ+ youth

20 Dec 2022

Seven different population-based surveys from Canada and the United States have found higher rates of physical and/or sexual victimization among lesbian, gay and bisexual youth.9 In some of these surveys, victimization rates were more than twice as high for LGBTQ+ youth.9 Sexual-minority youth also report higher rates of forced sexual contact and dating violence and more verbal and physical sexual. [...] The difference in rates alliances were associated with reduced odds of suicide ideation for girls based on sexual orientation was similar, with for lesbian, gay and bisexual boys and girls (OR = 0.07 44% of lesbian and bisexual girls having experienced serious suicidal ideation, compared to only 12% of and 0.44, respectively), as well as reduced odds of suicide heterosexual girls. [...] The presence of these alliances was linked to less suicidal ideation in the past month and fewer suicide attempts in the past year among both LGBTQ+ and heterosexual youth.30 Finally, the survey of more than 3,600 teens in Massachusetts10 similarly found that Many schools in lesbian, gay and bisexual students attending a school with a gay-straight alliance or other North America are support group. [...] 21,708 BC Grade 8 –12 Gay-straight alliances and policies against homophobic bullying linked to lower levels students 15 of some types of risky alcohol use for lesbian and bisexual girls and heterosexual youth and fewer past-year harms from substance use for heterosexual boys. [...] Hazards of stigma: The sexual and physical abuse of gay, lesbian, and bisexual adolescents in the United States and Canada.
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