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Parking Permit Application - Step 1 ❐ ❐ ❐

1 May 2023

• SPARC BC reserves the right to review and rescind your permit if the information that you have provided on your application form is inaccurate or if you violate the Rules of Use of the Parking Permit Program. [...] Signature and Declaration Step 8 I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE CONDITIONS OF MY PARKING PERMIT SIGNATURE AND SIGNATURE (APPLICANT OR POWER OF ATTORNEY / LEGAL GUARDIAN) CONSENT DECLARATION: By signing below, you confirm and declare that all information provided by you is accurate and complete, and that this application is to obtain a parking permit for your own personal use. [...] A.) ❐ I am the Legal Guardian PRIVACY NOTICE AND CONSENT: SPARC BC is subject to the Personal Information Protection Act (the “Act”) By signing this form, you authorize SPARC BC to contact your medical doctor and all personal information collected, used and disclosed by SPARC BC to verify the nature of your disability and your eligibility for a permit, and about permit applicants is subject to the. [...] For these purposes, to your Parking Permit application for the following purposes: you authorize SPARC BC to disclose, if requested, your age, gender, reported • Assessing your application and your eligibility for a permit; use of a mobility aid and the community where you live (but not your • Communicating with you about your permit, including for renewal address unless required by law). [...] enforcement or parking officials; You acknowledge and agree that your signature on this form constitutes • Other purposes related to the administration of the Parking Permit your consent for SPARC BC to collect, use and disclose your personal Program for People with Disabilities or to comply with other legal or information for the purposes described above.
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