cover image: CDA Institute | Force Development Series - Canada’s Future Submarine Capability


CDA Institute | Force Development Series - Canada’s Future Submarine Capability

20 Jul 2023

Topics covered during the event included the operational and strategic value of submarines to the Royal Canadian Navy in a changing security environment, high-level requirements and caveats for the Victoria-class replacement, Canadian procurement timelines contrasted with the Victoria-class lifespan, the Canadian political environment in the era of a National Shipbuilding Strategy, and the implica. [...] Points of Contention: - The recruitment and retention crisis in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) raises the question of whether the RCN would have the necessary personnel to operate a larger submarine fleet. [...] The phenomenon crown” of the first island chain, is critical to reflects a broader trend among the "old, Chinese anti-access area denial (A2/AD) classic great navies like the Royal Navy." strategies2 and the loss of it would be Concurrently, China has rapidly expanded “catastrophic” for Western navies attempting its naval forces and is projected to reach a to operate close to the Chinese coast. [...] In light of the strategic remains prepared for the challenges of the requirements and the various challenges, evolving global landscape. [...] However, the current fleet of As the Victoria-Class submarines approach four submarines provides very limited the 40-year mark, concerns about the opportunity for personnel to gain the capability of the fleet are growing.
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