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29 Jun 2023

This report is divided into two parts with six chapters: The first part presents the state of crime in Montreal and addresses the evolving trends in crimes against the person and crimes against property, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the latter, as well as the spatial, geographical and relational dimensions of crime in the territory. [...] The purpose of the meeting was and Hoodstock for a visit to the Habitations Pelletier, to introduce the organisations, discuss the current the premises of Parole d’excluEs as well as the Place issues and concerns of the City of Bordeaux in terms de l’Espoir, a space that was designated as a place of of urban safety, crime prevention and the governance historical interest within the context of the. [...] A second cycle was offered This newsletter presents: with the objective of introducing the concept of • A portrait of the current situation of emergency mediation, allowing participants to become familiar shelters in Montreal; with various theoretical and practical tools in order • The proposal of a reflection on the notion of security to facilitate the process with youth. [...] They focused cohabitation; on the following themes: the prevention of • A look at other issues specific to service users; street harassment and everyday violence, and • The presentation of an approach to be developed; the prevention of violence in the school and • Exploration of the limitations of private security; extracurricular environment. [...] Local safety audits for the Borough of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension | Focusing on the safety of girls, women and seniors in the borough, the specific objectives of this research were to: (a) develop a disaggregated portrait of the environment in which girls, women and seniors live; (b) to develop a portrait of the resources available in the territory to respond to these issues; and (c) ide.
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