cover image: Canada's Arctic Marine Atlas (Updated July 2023


Canada's Arctic Marine Atlas (Updated July 2023

21 Jul 2023

A dose of and in the hope of a future of abundance and well-being in caution can help reduce the risk of mistakes, but neither the Canadian Arctic and beyond. [...] the full range of cultural heritage cannot be captured on maps or in words, a few examples can illustrate how thoroughly the Conservation and management Arctic environment is known and used, and how intimate the For millennia, inuit and other indigenous peoples have worked relationship is between indigenous peoples and the ecosystems to ensure the long-term health of the Arctic marine environment. [...] The communities of the iSR are located along the Mackenzie River Delta, the northern coast of the Northwest Terri- tories, and on the westernmost islands of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. [...] These include the landscape of the seabed, which shapes the ocean in extent and depth; sea ice, the defining characteristic of Gaps in current knowledge Arctic marine waters; the sources of sea water, which determine As outlined in this chapter, we have a general knowledge of the physical oceanography of the Canadian Arc- much of its chemical and physical properties; surface currents, tic, but muc. [...] The most obvious seabed landforms are a necklace of sills along the northwestern edge of the Canadian Polar Shelf that rise to within 300 to 400 m of the sea surface and a cluster of sills near the centre of the shelf that rise even higher, within 15 to 220 m of the sea surface.
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