cover image: 2301 09854 Jul 31, 2023 Affidavit AFFIDAVIT OF PAUL VIMINITZ


2301 09854 Jul 31, 2023 Affidavit AFFIDAVIT OF PAUL VIMINITZ

27 Jul 2023

It’s more difficult for the lecturer to understand and respond to the perspectives and interests in the room and more difficult to have a free-flowing question and answer session. [...] The University has the right and responsibility to manage and control the use of and access to University Premises in order to: • ensure a safe and secure environment; • protect and maintain the property of the University; and • protect the reputation of the University. [...] No approval will be provided until the group or individual submitting the request has, to the reasonable satisfaction of the University: • accepted any stipulated terms and conditions for use; • satisfied the requirements of any University departmental approvals, and the conditions (if any) arising from the risk/hazard assessment; and • for sponsors of External Events, accepted the terms and condi. [...] The decision to require the presence of University security personnel and the determination of the number of personnel will be made on a case-by-case basis solely by the University based on the University’s judgment of the number of people likely to be in attendance, the type of activity, and the University’s experience with similar activities by the same and/or different individuals or groups. [...] If Materials Management is unable to Barcode the Asset at the time of delivery, an Asset Document will be provided to the Unit/PI to affix the Barcode(s), complete the missing information and return the form to Shipping/Receiving.


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