Institute for Research on Public Policy 2021-2022 - Annual Report
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Institute for Research on Public Policy 2021-2022 - Annual Report

19 May 2023


by the consumer price index) for the 12 months In order to maintain the fund’s real ending December 31, plus 20 percent of the value (after inflation), the role of long-term spending rate applied to the four- the Investment Committee is to: quarter market average of the endowment for · A dvise the Board of Directors on the Institute’s the period ending December 31 prior to the start investment str. [...] In January 2018, The Investment Committee and the Board have we decided to invest 10 percent of the fund always recognized that protecting the real value in real estate and gave the mandate to Bentall of the Fund while providing for the Institute’s Green Oaks (then Bentall Kennedy). [...] In 2019, the IRPP received a $10-million grant from the federal government to create the Centre In 2008-09, to reduce the transmission of of Excellence on the Canadian Federation. [...] “Organization”], which comprise the statement of financial position as at March 31, 2022, and the statements of changes in net assets, statement RESPONSIBILITIES OF MANAGEMENT AND of revenues and expenditures, and statement of THOSE CHARGED WITH GOVERNANCE FOR THE cash flows for the year then ended and notes to FINANCIAL STATEMENTS the financial statements, including a summary of significant accou. [...] represent a contribution received from the Department of Canadian Heritage for the purpose of establishing a Centre Credit risk of Excellence on the Canadian Federation as a permanent The Organization, in the normal course of operations, research body to promote shared understanding of the provides credit to its users.

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