cover image: 37 - Metrobús Reforma - Factual Record Regarding Submission SEM-18-002


37 - Metrobús Reforma - Factual Record Regarding Submission SEM-18-002

4 Jul 2023

The early 1980s saw the inauguration of a policy of redensification of what was then called the Federal Dis- trict with the primary purpose of halting urban expansion.25 The justification was that downtown Mexico City was experiencing depopulation, in conjunction with significant growth in the surrounding munici- palities in the State of Mexico and on the outskirts of the Federal District, affecti. [...] The population growth rate in the third outer zone went from 50% in the 1990s to 17% in the 2010s, while the growth rate of the metropolitan municipalities in State of Mexico went from 58% in the 1980s to 11% in the 2010s. [...] The original route began at the equestrian statue of Charles IV, popularly known as “el Caballito,” running from there in a straight line to the entrance of Bosque de Chapultepec at the foot of the castle, with the probable intent of symbolizing the monarchical origin and royal lineage of the governing system at the time. [...] The information missing from the Metrobús Reforma project included the description of the associated works in the project area,103 the project narrative104 and description of the related works,105 and the investment required for the project, with an indication of the amount devoted to mitigation, prevention, and compensation measures,106 among others. [...] The specific modality of the EIS, for its part, must contain the following, in addition to the informa- tion required for an EIS in the general modality information on the project technical narrative (maps describing the geomorphology and hydrology, the status of the ecosystems on the site, and the location of natural protected areas); a description of the biological characteristics of the project.



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