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Town of Dundas - Zoning By-law No.

28 Nov 2022

3.2.32 FLOOR AREA, GROSS Means the aggregate of the floor areas of all the storeys of a building including the floor area of any basement but not of any cellar or subcellar, which floor areas are measured between the exterior faces of the exterior walls of the building at each floor level but excluding car parking areas within the building; and, for the purposes of this clause, the walls of an inn. [...] And provided further, that with reference to the height of a building or structure on a corner lot, grade shall mean the average elevation of the curb levels opposite the building or structure on the two streets, or the mean elevation of all the ground adjoining the building or structure and within 4.5 metres of it. [...] ii) No permit for the use of land or for the erection, alteration or use of any building or structure and no Certificate of Occupancy or approval of application for any municipal licence within the jurisdiction of the Council shall be issued or given where the proposed building, structure or use is in violation of any provision of this By-law. [...] 6-2 6.2.2 PRIOR TO ERECTION OF PRINCIPAL BUILDINGS No accessory building shall be erected prior to the erection of the principal building on the same lot, except where it is necessary for the storage of tools and materials for use in connection with the construction of the principal building or structure, and no such accessory building shall, prior to the erection of the principal building, be use. [...] 6-4 6.6.5 FUEL TANKS A fuel tank for fuel for the heating of a building or buildings on the premises may project into a required side yard or rear yard, but shall not project to a distance of more than one-third of the required width of any such side yard or one-third of the required depth of any such rear yard, or to a distance of more than 1.0 metres, whichever is the lesser distance.


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