220 Arkell Road, Guelph, Ontario, Tree Preservation Plan
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220 Arkell Road, Guelph, Ontario, Tree Preservation Plan

20 April 2023



The material in it reflects Stantec’s professional judgment in light of the scope, schedule and other limitations stated in the document and in the contract between Stantec and the Client. [...] Proposed Tree Protection Fencing (TPF) has been recommended for the lm \\cd1004-f01\work_group\01614\active\161413338\design\report\treemanagement\rpt_161413338_tpp_20230420_lm.docx 3.2 220 ARKELL ROAD, GUELPH, ONTARIO, TREE PRESERVATION PLAN Observations and Analysis April 20, 2023 trees to be retained along the property edge to the north, east, and 10m off the tree edge of the significant woodla. [...] Most of the impacts relate to the removal of roots that results in the slow death of the tree because of its inability to absorb sufficient water and nutrients. [...] Upon installation of the tree protection fencing, the Contractor shall contact the Project Arborist to review and approve the fencing and its location prior to commencement of any site work. [...] These include a visual examination of the above-ground parts of each tree for structural defects, scars, external indications of decay, evidence of insect presence, discolored foliage, the general condition of the trees and the surrounding site, as well as the proximity of property and people.

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