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CAO & Mayor's Office - Office of the Mayor Office of the CAO

12 Jan 2023

Director of HR Supervisor of HR Projects and Administration Manager of Total Manager of Manager of People Rewards and HR Technology Health and Safety and Partnerships Supervisor of HR Technology Supervisor of Payroll and Pension 68 2023 | CAO & Mayor’s Office - Human Resources Highlights Manage illness Advice, guidance, and policies AA+ and injuries on human resources and labour relations matters. [...] Continue monitoring and evaluation of facilities, services, programs, systems and processes to support operational decisions that: • Improve the health, safety and well-being of the community; • Enhance the customer experience; • Expand online services to the community; • Increase openness and transparency; • Reduce community risk; • Improve response timelines. [...] As a Centre of Excellence for a large and complex inventory of physical assets, the department comprises all the necessary functions and lines of business to ensure the full life-cycle management of the City of Barrie’s facility and property portfolios. [...] Key responsibilities include identifying community recreation and cultural needs and interests, developing and delivering recreation and cultural opportunities which meet these needs and interests, maintaining and operating recreational facilities and theatres to provide a setting for these activities, and managing the provision of space to external community recreation and performing arts provide. [...] These activities involve the planning and development of project procurement, ongoing implementation and scheduling, monitoring, and the review of the following plans and programs: • Capital repair and replacement planning.
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