A - Garden Suite GUIDE
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A - Garden Suite GUIDE

29 March 2023



A Garden Suite APPLICATION PROCESS This guide outlines the eligibility requirements and application process to build a garden suite Page i | March 2023 Garden Suites - Process Guide GUIDE INTRODUCTION This guide is the first in a series of three about garden suites. [...] 15 Garden Suites - Process Guide March 2023 | Page iii 1.1 What is a garden suite? 1.2 Why are garden suites A garden suite is a detached house located in important in Saanich? the rear yard of a single family lot. [...] • The lot must be a minimum size of 400 m2 The steps to determine whether conversion of an existing accessory building is the right option for • The lot must be a minimum of 12 m wide you are summarized below: • The principal building on the lot must be a 1. [...] Discuss your plans with Building Inspections other considerations, such as the existing lot and work with a home building professional coverage or a statutory right-of-way that could to determine how your accessory building affect the eligibility of your property for a garden must be modified to meet the BC Building suite. [...] Does your lot meet the basic eligibility requirements for a garden suite? • Is your lot a minimum of 400 m2? Yes/No • Is your lot a minimum of 12 m wide? Yes/No • Is your lot zoned Single Family Dwelling (e.g., RS-6)? Yes/No • Is your lot inside the Sewer Service Area and/or the Urban Containment Boundary? Yes/No 2.

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