Our Green Guide 1
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Our Green Guide 1

8 March 2023



Our Green Guide 1 THIS GUIDE IS A HELPFUL REFERENCE FOR HOMEOWNERS AND CONSUMERS. [...] OUR GOAL IS TO ASSIST IN OUR COLLECTIVE EFFORTS TO BUILD A CLEAN AND GREEN COMMUNITY, AND TO BETTER MANAGE PROPER DISPOSAL OF ALL FORMS OF WASTE. [...] BEFORE YOU THROW IT OUT, CHECK IT OUT—IS IT RECYCLABLE? REUSABLE? CAN IT BE REPAIRED? THIS GUIDE GIVES YOU THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF WASTE BEING ADDED TO OUR LANDFILL, AND TO SAFELY DISPOSE OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. [...] Waste reduction and diversion initiatives help conserve resources, support local business, and contribute to a litter free and healthy environment. [...] To view the guide online for the most current edition visit thunderbay.ca/greenguide ONE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE • Reduce your waste production • T hink before you buy – look for products with less packaging, buy in bulk or use reusable containers • Buy locally manufactured/grown materials and products • T ake reusable containers and bags for lunches and when shopping 2 Table of Contents Waste Reduc.

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