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20 April 2023



It is the owner’s intention to demolish the existing single detached residential dwelling from the property and to create a mixed density residential development, along with a neighbourhood park, preservation of the natural heritage features on the site and creation of a wildlife corridor. [...] The purpose of the proposed zoning amendment is to change the current zoning to the appropriate zones under the new Comprehensive Zoning By-law for the City of Guelph to recognize the uses established through the draft plan of subdivision. [...] RESPONSE: The proposed development is consistent with Section 1.1.3 of the PPS as the subject property is located within the urban boundary of the City of Guelph and provides a mix of housing opportunities. [...] Notwithstanding policy 1.4.1 of the PPS, 2020, in implementing policy, municipalities will support the achievement of complete communities by: a) planning to accommodate forecasted growth to the horizon of this Plan; b) planning to achieve the minimum intensification and density targets in this Plan; c) considering the range and mix of housing options and densities of the existing housing. [...] In addition, the by-law defines “development” as the construction, erection or placing of one or more buildings on land or the making of an addition or alteration to a building that has the effect of substantially increasing the size or usability thereof by increasing the Gross Floor Area of the building by forty percent (40%) or more, the addition of one or more new Dwelling Unit(s), or a convers.

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