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31 March 2023



Please include the approved grading for the Open Space Block, and the adjacent lots of this subdivision, and design the grading/servicing so that the objectives of the adjacent subdivision are not disrupted, and the area (including the Open Space Block and the lands to the north) is adequately and appropriately designed. [...] The original objective to the grading of the open space was to direct drainage from the front of the Block to the rear where the surface drainage contributed to a rear yard infiltration gallery. [...] The following additional comments are provided based on our review of the resubmitted material: 1.12 C Other Wetlands - City staff requested that the limit of the small wetland pocket located to the east of the existing driveway be shown on the plans (refer to Comment 4 of September 10, 2018 meeting notes). [...] 25.0 C The water balance shows an infiltration deficit and a runoff exceedance, but there does not appear to be any discussion of the impacts due to less infiltration (and timing of that infiltration due to the high groundwater), or the capacity of the receiving system to handle the extra runoff without negative effects. [...] Drawing C-400 Conceptual Grading Plan 38.0 C Is a culvert needed under the pathway at the northwest side of the SWMF? Drainage arrows and information in the report indicate the area north of the pond drains to the west, but the conceptual grading information indicates it will not get there, but will spill into the lots to the north.

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