Buy Clean Industry Alliance_ pre-budget submission_2024_v3
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Buy Clean Industry Alliance_ pre-budget submission_2024_v3

15 August 2023


By investing in low-carbonmaterials and practices using its own spending power, the Government of Canada has the potential to reduce emissions, support well-paying jobs, and maintain industry competitiveness as Canada and the world transition to net zero. [...] To solve these challenges, increase Canadian competitiveness, build capacity to support low-carbon construction, and increase the supply of low-carbon constructionmaterials, the Buy Clean Industry Alliance is calling on the federal government to fund key components of a Buy Clean Strategy in Budget 2024: ● $15million over five years to provide the staffing and technical support required to deliver. [...] We recommend that this small team be housed in NRCan’s Greening Government Services branch, but could leverage the contacts and expertise of Procurement Assistance Canada (PSPC) to do outreach to non-Government vendors and the Clean Growth Hub (co-chaired by ISED and NRCan) to coordinate outreach to industry and clean tech. [...] 2) Support the growth of the low-carbonmaterials database in Canada and accelerate the creation of Environmental Product Declarations Cost: $25million over five years for Natural Resources Canada to provide grants and technical assistance to private companies looking to produce EPDs for their products A Buy Clean approach to procurement requires suppliers to conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) o. [...] 4) Use Government spending to activate the Canadianmarket for commercially-viable low-carbon buildingmaterials and practices Cost: $500million over five years for a Clean Infrastructure Incentive Fund to offset the incremental costs of using commercially viable low-carbonmaterials and practices in public infrastructure To keep pace with recent U.

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