Myanmar.NGO Law
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Myanmar.NGO Law

17 August 2023


• The government entity that issues a recommendation letter for the NGO or signs a MOU is supposed to report to the registration board on whether an NGO is complying with the rules, triggering a review of NGOs activities by the registration board. [...] This requirement also requires restrictions to be proportionate to the aim pursued.17 Restrictions on freedom of expression must comply with a similar three-part test, except the list of legitimate aims includes the reputations of others and does not include public safety.18 The primary human rights treaty protecting the right to freedom of association is the International Covenant on Civil and Po. [...] For example, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities obliges States to promote the participation of persons with disabilities in public affairs, including by “forming and joining organizations of persons with disabilities”.20 The Convention on the Rights of the Child protects the rights of the child to associate, along with an identical test for restrictions as that contained in. [...] 10 Myanmar: Analysis of the Organisation Registration Law In comparison with the 2014 Law, the NGO Law creates ambiguity as to the composition of the boards. [...] On the other hand, the registration boards may be expected to defer to the recommendation of the government department assigned to screen applicant NGOs, although this is speculative and not stated clearly in the NGO Law.

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