2023-07-28) 22-23 Annual Report
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2023-07-28) 22-23 Annual Report

31 July 2023


We —from clarifying the question and fully support and recognize the panel selection through to the contributions of staff, expert panel dissemination and mobilization of members, reviewers, and the final report—are implemented members of the Board of Directors and continually strengthened to and Scientific Advisory Committee. [...] Quality and Impact Performanc e Measurement The CCA delivers the right The CCA responds to the diverse and evidence, to the right people, at changing needs of policy- and the right time to help shape decision-makers and we measure what evidence-informed policy in matters most. [...] assessments The CCA was funded with an evaluating the suitability initial investment by the Structure and of subjects proposed to Government of Canada of Governance the CCA for expert $30 million beginning in The CCA is governed by a assessment 2005 to support core Board of Directors which is setting the terms of operations of the CCA responsible for setting the reference for the through to March. [...] Staff formal funding agreement Governance Committee provide support to expert between the CCA and the panels with research, Government of Canada The work of the CCA is also writing, and overall administered through supported by an management of logistics for Innovation, Science and independent Board- the assessments and the Economic Development appointed Scientific Advisory production of reports. [...] The Board of The Statement of selected through a cross- Directors is responsible for Investment Policy was government competitive authorizing the public formally approved by the process and submitted to release of final assessment Board of Directors and is the CCA for consideration.

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