Building a prosperous Canada through our people, ideas and communities
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Building a prosperous Canada through our people, ideas and communities

4 August 2023


Core funding for Canada’s research granting agencies and federal research support programming have not increased in the last two budget cycles and inflation has eaten away at the value of research grants and support for research infrastructure. [...] To build on the success of the pilot program and increase the number of students participating, we recommend the program be made permanent with an annual funding envelope of $40 million. [...] As the government continues to work in partnership with First Nations to establish long-term strategies for First Nations-led post-secondary education, Universities Canada supports the Assembly of First Nations’ urgent call for renewed and expanded investment in the PSSSP. [...] We encourage the government to direct more resources toward the newly established Research Security Centre to support institutions as they add to their internal processes and procedures to safeguard the research enterprise. [...] Universities are uniquely positioned to quickly deliver on housing projects, and are viable partners to the federal government, provinces, municipalities and private and not-for-profit housing providers to help increase the housing supply and address affordability issues.

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