cover image: Northwest Territories 2030 Energy Strategy - Pembina Institute comments and recommendations


Northwest Territories 2030 Energy Strategy - Pembina Institute comments and recommendations

21 Aug 2023

Priorities for the GNWT with regards to social and Indigenous inclusion for emissions reduction target actions are to: • Increase and plan for bilateral discussions between the GNWT and Indigenous organizations in the planning, development and implementation of climate and clean energy initiatives in the NWT. [...] To ensure the GNWT’s plans are aligned with actions to address the equity impacts of climate change and climate policy, especially on Indigenous Peoples, the GNWT should “assess the distribution of [both existing and needed] climate impacts and policies by key stakeholder Pembina Institute Northwest Territories 2030 Energy Strategy | 11 Overview: what should the NWT’s energy and climate future loo. [...] It is important that community needs and plans are respected within the regional and territorial energy planning process, both to create buy-in and investment in regional and territorial energy goals, and to build a more robust and resilient electricity resource mix both locally and throughout the NWT. [...] The GNWT should work with the federal government to advance programs for funding and attracting private capital in the clean energy sector, in addition to engaging communities and supporting work to ensure equitable energy access across the territories. [...] The following are key values and principles that should be reflected in the NWT’s long-term approach to energy and climate issues: • Proactive, early, and continuous engagement with communities • Establish transparent processes and timelines for engagement and participation in energy planning and goal setting • Centre Indigenous rights, knowledge and priorities within processes and policies of ene.


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