cover image: Heilongjiang Stakeholder Consultation Report


Heilongjiang Stakeholder Consultation Report

10 Aug 2023

This report also integrates relevant information obtained from the previous consultation with the Beidahuang Group Co., Ltd., a state- owned company on agricultural reclamation overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and a major implementation body of the soybean expansion policy in Heilongjiang. [...] - In 2022, the soybean self-sufficiency rate of the country is estimated to be 15-18%. [...] Among them: - Large farms are directly overseen by the Bureau of Reclamation, Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, and operated and managed by the Beidahuang Co., Ltd. [...] A shared payment plan is in operation with which the government pays for 80% of the insurance fee and farmers/cooperatives pay the rest. [...] In addition to the above, the project implementation team obtained detailed data on inputs and outputs of the cultivation of rice, maize and soybean, as well as demand for labor, through field survey with households and cooperatives.



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