cover image: CIGI Papers No. 280 — September 2023 - Valuing Data Where Are We, and


CIGI Papers No. 280 — September 2023 - Valuing Data Where Are We, and

29 Aug 2023

For those databases in the SNA that are developed for in-house purposes and not intended for sale, which is most databases, “the cost of preparing data in the appropriate While the concepts of asset and produced good are format is included in the cost of the database relatively clear and well accepted, their application but not the cost of acquiring or producing the to the information chain is not. [...] To calculate real investment, a price deflator is constructed using wages, the price of intermediate The increasing importance and prominence of data consumption and capital (if available), and in the economy, as well as the above-mentioned estimates of the rate of technological change. [...] inconsistencies in the current treatment of data, have led a number of researchers to consider To calculate the stock of data assets, the Canadian how data could be capitalized in the SNA, and and US studies (the Dutch study did not estimate to develop experimental estimates of the asset the value of the stock) both use the perpetual value of data in advance of the next version inventory method (P. [...] Overall, the price increase is impact on the difference between the two sets 1.8 percent; presumably, this overall price growth of results is the method the US study uses to is higher than that of its individual components allocate occupations and the proportion of time because of compositional shifts (recall data grew dedicated within occupations to data-related more slowly than databases and dat. [...] The rationale for for a much shorter service life than the 25 years including data is that it is the result of production, contemplated by the Canadian experimental with labour and capital being used to transform study, and perhaps less than the five years in the a non-produced good (observations) into a US study, in order to offset the inclusion of data digital format, which is the produced good.
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