cover image: The only program of its kind in Canada. Degree options


The only program of its kind in Canada. Degree options

11 May 2023

Grade Point Average of 5.0 (C) • How social interactions influence identities, attitudes, including a grade of at least C *Enrolment in these programs and mental health in SOCPSY 1Z03 and successful is limited and possession of the • Students learn how to situate themselves in their cultures, completion of one of PSYCH 1F03, published minimum requirements geographies and in relation to others PSYC. [...] Psychology 1X03 Potential careers Introduction to Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour • Counselling/Psychotherapy • Education An introduction to scientific methods used to study psychology and • Law • Research interpersonal behaviour. [...] • Human Resources • Public Relations • Occupational Therapy • Marketing Psychology 1F03 • Journalism • Business Survey of Psychology (online course, accepted as equivalent • Public Health to PSYCH 1X03) Discover the scientific methods, research questions and major areas A social psychology degree also provides the foundation for graduate of psychology. [...] • Psychology of Well-Being I love teaching at McMaster because my • Counselling and Psychotherapy students constantly inspire me and enhance • Mental Health my experience as an educator.” – Sarah Clancy • Child Clinical Psychology • Making and Breaking Rules • Regimes of Social Control “My research and teaching focuses on the ways that • Psychology of Intergroup Relations MEET A close relationship. [...] For • Who am I? Self and Identity example, how does the initiation, maintenance, MEMBER and breakup of romantic relationships affect Psychology/Sociology courses well-being? Is social media good or bad for mental health? How do immigrants navigate the • Adolescent Psychology psychological, social, and behavioural challenges • Attitudes and Persuasion of adapting to a new culture? • Forensic Psycho.
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