cover image: CEC Fact Sheet  #94    |    September  2023 A N


CEC Fact Sheet #94 | September 2023 A N

13 Sep 2023

activities of Canada’s oil and gas sector, in 2019, included: The indirect impact is measured as the GDP and jobs • Architectural, engineering, and related services: $4.1 occurring throughout the supply chain of the oil and natural billion gas industry, attributable to its extraction and investment expenditures. [...] The authors and the Canadian Energy Centre would like to thank and acknowledge the assistance of Philip Cross and two anonymous reviewers in reviewing the original data and research for this Fact Sheet. [...] Definitions Using Statistics Canada terminology, we define the broad Canadian oil and gas sector as the sum of oil and gas extraction (NAICS 211) and oil and gas investment. [...] This subsector includes the production of oil, the mining and extraction of oil from oil shale and oil sands, and the production of gas and hydrocarbon liquids, through gasification, liquefaction, and pyrolysis of coal at the mine site. [...] (Excerpts taken from Statistics Canada, Contribution of the Oil and Gas Sector to the Canadian Economy in 2016, 2020, custom tabulation.) References (All links live as of August 22, 2023) Statistics Canada (2020), The Decline in Production and Investment in Canada’s Oil and Gas Sector and its Impact on the Economy, July 2020, Economic Insights, 11-626-X, No.
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