transparency health affirming value
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transparency health affirming value

12 June 2023


and decision-makers, policy-makers and researchers, trainees and students, intersectoral partners and The content of the report reflects the workshop community organizations with interest, expertise activities and discussions as they happened as well or the ability to influence action on the social and as participants’ focus and wording. [...] The personal and global event timelines stretched Working in small affinity groups, participants from 1400 to the present day to reflect the historical established the framework for a shared story of their and multigenerational impacts of colonial processes past and what it means for the work they would do while the public health timeline ranged from 1980 to together over the course of the worksho. [...] 18 WORKSHOP REPORT PUBLIC HEALTH TIMELINE: critical milestones and events in addressing the disruption of White supremacy and racism in public health systems Telling the story of the evolution of the need to disrupt White supremacy and racism in public health systems over the years, and the implication of that story for the work to be done here. [...] The evolution of the public health discourse is toward Participants were critical of the fact that the public the understanding of determinants of health and health timeline in this activity only began in 1980. [...] Participants shared that the linear nature of the The HIV/AIDS epidemic did finally start to shift the timeline hegemonizes one system of knowledge and conversation toward the role of social determinants that this system is the dominant approach to public of health and stigma in illness and death.

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