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5 September 2023


Looking at concerns about the safety and quality of the food their families eat over the past 18 months (Figure 1), there has been a significant percentage increase in responses from families not worried about the safety and quality of food because they already eat safe and nutritious foods, especially in Burkina Faso (16%) and Ghana (10%), while some decline is seen in Tanzania (1%) and Uganda (7. [...] 8 WHERE YOU LIVE, WHAT WOULD NEED TO OPEN ENDED QUESTION: CHANGE FOR EVERYONE TO HAVE EQUAL ACCESS TO SAFE, HEALTHY, AND NUTRITIOUS FOOD ALL YEAR ROUND? In 2021, these responses came up often and regularly: 1) A move away from chemical pesticides and fertilizers 2) The importance of food hygiene and safety 3) The need for information on the “how” and “why” of healthy diets 4) Increased productivit. [...] I’d like to stress the importance of seed quality, the practice of agroforestry and the use of organic fertilizers to cope with the early end of the rainy season, without forgetting to follow the advice of agricultural technicians. [...] Which of the following would help you as a farmer to best deal with changes in the weather? 2021 8% 29% 15% 23% 25% 2023 6% 27% 13% 26% 27% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Improved inputs Good information on how to adapt Better use of water Protecting the natural environment Moving to another place In 2023, improved inputs and protecting the natural environment rank top among farmers as options to best de. [...] 18 OVER THE PAST 18 MONTHS, HAS YOUR ABILITY TO GET THE QUESTION 3 INPUTS YOU NEED TO SUPPORT YOUR FARMING AND OTHER PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITIES:* *only asked in 2023 poll Figure 18: Over the past 18 months, has your ability to get the inputs you need to support your farming and other productive activities: 22% 14% 13% Improved a lot Improved slightly Stayed more or less the same 18% Decreased slightly.

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