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Ontario Baseline Waste 2 - & Rec 0 yclin 2 - g Rep

4 Sep 2023

8 Tonnes Kg/Capita Ontario Baseline Waste & Recycling Report 2.2 Performance As part of Ontario’s strategy, the province has established two sets of targets: • Waste generation - progressive reductions in the amount of non-hazardous waste disposed per capita per year; and • Waste diversion targets - increase the amount of waste diverted - 30% of total waste generated diverted by 2020; - 50% of tot. [...] The range in the estimated tonnes tonnes of garbage into disposed is a result of the significant discrepancies the U. [...] 18 Ontario Baseline Waste & Recycling Report Did you know? In 2018, the Ontario government committed to designate the following materials by 2020 and 2023: • Small appliances; • Electrical tools; • Mattresses; • Carpets • Clothing and other textiles; and • Furniture and other bulky items And in 2020, committed to: • Consult on a proposal to phase out food and organic waste from landfills by 2030. [...] about the performance of the program since the new regulation was passed and what steps might be taken to ensure producers are compliant with the requirements of the regulation. [...] 298/12) Collected 800,000 The pharmaceutical and sharps regulation includes: • a drug within the meaning of section 2 of the Food 700,000 and Drugs Act (Canada) and includes a natural health 600,000 product within the meaning of the Natural Health Products Regulations made under that Act, and 500,000 • a needle, safety engineered needle, lancet or other similar instrument that is designed to punct.


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