cover image: CIGI Papers No. 281 — September 2023 - Enhancing Compliance with Privacy Legislation through


CIGI Papers No. 281 — September 2023 - Enhancing Compliance with Privacy Legislation through

12 Sep 2023

council on matters related to voluntary standards development; A final version of the document is then submitted to technical committee members for → promote cooperation and communication approval through formal voting and balloting, between the council and the SDOs represented administered by the secretary and the chair. [...] of regulators is expected to participate in the Whereas the requirements are contained in the deliberations of the technical committee and in body of the document, the compliance tools are the drafting of the document. [...] → sufficient and appropriate evidence (sufficiency The release of ISO 17029 in 2019 represented relates to the quantity of evidence whereas a watershed moment in the international appropriateness relates to the quality of the conformity assessment ecosystem because it evidence, its relevance and reliability); and formally opened the door to professional classes, such as chartered accountants, engi. [...] of codes, the NRC and provinces created the CCBFC, Important focus areas have been regulatory reform a decision-making body that provided direction and the alignment of mandatory standards and and oversight on the development of the building, safety codes between provinces and territories. [...] For a good example of this method of incorporation consumers, the adoption of common standards is the Personal Information Protection and makes it easier to acquire products that can Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of 2000 operate in multiple environments and that are where the CSA’s Model Code for the Protection certified to perform to a given benchmark with the of Personal Information was repr.
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