Mod4PH Research Highlights Episode 5 Transcript: NACI Guidelines for Economic Evaluation of
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Mod4PH Research Highlights Episode 5 Transcript: NACI Guidelines for Economic Evaluation of

6 September 2023


Wendy – Why was the development of these guidelines necessary, and how are these different from other guidelines for economic evaluation in use right now, such as the ones published by the World Health Organization in 2019? Beate – When we looked at the guidelines that already out there - we have the WHO guidelines (or the guidelines by the World Health Organization), they are specific for vaccine. [...] And all the way to the environment, so if we reduce antibiotic use because we have vaccines, and we prevent infectious diseases that would usually be treated with antibiotics, then we would expect to see decreased levels of antibiotics in the environment. [...] So what we are saying in this guidelines is that we want to include equity - so we want to quantify the distribution of health prior to the vaccine, and what we would expect, how the distribution of health will look after implementation of a vaccination program, so that the decision-maker could consider, for example, specifically tailored vaccination programs and can deliberate on this type of iss. [...] So, for instance, a patient perspective can look at the costs and consequences incurred just by the patient, so this could be out-of-pocket costs when the patient needs to park at the hospital for an appointment, but this out-of-pocket parking cost would not be included from a healthcare payer perspective, because for the payer or the government in the case of universal health care, they would not. [...] For the first perspective we ask researchers conducting the economic evaluation to include costs and consequences that are experienced both by the vaccinated individual and the unvaccinated individual.

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