Halifax Evolves - A Canadian Urban Institute Collaboration | September 2023
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Halifax Evolves - A Canadian Urban Institute Collaboration | September 2023

12 September 2023


We hope Halifax Evolves provides a glimpse into the rich and layered history of this city and region, and an initial introduction to the steps that people, institutions, and government are taking to come to terms with legacies of exclusion and displacement, and the actions the whole community is endeavoring to take towards restoration and reconciliation. [...] 4 4 5 We are very appreciative of the generosity of time and spirit the diverse communities of HRM extended to the CUI x Halifax process, and of their willingness to share crucial lessons as they continue to learn and work through together what the future of the Region is to become. [...] In April 1996, the Province of Nova Scotia created Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) by amalgamating all local governments in the wider county: the former Cities of Halifax and Dartmouth, the Town of Bedford, and the surrounding rural Halifax County The map above illustrates where downtown Halifax and the city’s urban core lie in relation to the entire HRM Boundary (shaded in light purple). [...] to spend time, to listen, to learn, but most Those we spoke to identified the importance of importantly to respond to [Beechville’s] needs.” “moving at the speed of trust,” taking cues from HRM city planners are working to prioritize the the Black community, and acknowledging that needs of the Beechville community through relationships with the HRM have been strained community action planning. [...] We also heard that HalifACT Metroworks 2050 is an excellent opportunity to strengthen and incorporate Indigenous and African Nova Dave Rideout is the President and CEO of Scotian communities into the advancement of Metroworks, working with a diverse team, the region’s economic future and to consider each with a varied and valuable background environmental justice given the unequal impacts to make.

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