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19 Sep 2023

IFA recently re-branded and with this is the development of a new website that will expand the benefits to members, including the establishment of 3 communities of practice, a discussion forum as well as an upload option for members wanting IFA to post and publish materials. [...] Prime Members – Prime Members shall be those corporations, partnerships, trusts, unincorporated organizations and individuals whose applications for admission as Prime Members have received the approval of the Board of Directors of the Corporation. [...] In addition to all other rights, obligations and responsibilities accruing to the Full Members of the Corporation by virtue of the Act and this Constitution and By-Laws, and without limiting the generality of the following, the Full Members shall: o be responsible for any amendments to the Letters Patent and/or the Constitution and By-Laws, in accordance with the Act and this Constitution and By-L. [...] Associate Members shall be entitled to attend members’ meetings, be appointed/elected to the Board and participate in other activities of the Corporation but shall not have the right to vote at any meeting or in any proceedings of the Corporation. [...] ➢ Access to the IFA “Members Only” section of the website enabling you to connect with members across the globe.


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