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MGA brochure - Last updated August 8 2023 - GM

11 Sep 2023

The Munk School is in the heart of downtown Toronto, You will benefit from its excellent reputation and one of the largest cities in North America and one of the also from access to central U of T resources and most diverse cities in the world. [...] It is home to dozens of centres, research labs and teaching programs, including the Asian Institute; the Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (CERES); the Centre for the Study of Global Japan; the Centre for the Study of the United States; and the Trudeau Centre for Peace, Conflict and Justice. [...] You'll pursue a Master of Public Policy the program in Berlin pursuing a spend the first year in London in Paris during the first year, Master of International Affairs, pursuing a Master of Public complete a summer internship, do a global internship over the Administration, followed by a and join the Munk School’s MGA summer and spend the second global internship, and the program for the second ye. [...] Even in the second year of the program, many students from other cohorts and with MGA alumni and students' goals and vision for the future may change and PATH panelists from the year. [...] My co-chair and I hired a team of 12 fellow to help students understand the unique value of their degree graduate students to design the various sector-specific and to gain exposure to the opportunities available to them panels, recruit relevant panelists and host the discussion.


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