CBA Annual Report 2023 Eng
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CBA Annual Report 2023 Eng

30 August 2023


I couldn’t be prouder of the work our members, our volunteers and our staff across the country have done in the past year to help the CBA stay at the forefront of Canada’s legal profession. [...] 6 CBA 2022-2023 Annual Report CBA STRATEGIC PLAN Vision Mission We are the essential ally and advocate of We aim to improve the administration the legal profession and guardian of the of justice and access to justice as well as rule of law. [...] The CBA Anti- profession in seeking to uphold the rule of Corruption Team released the Guide for law, and condemning threats by the Russian Internal Investigations of White-Collar Crimes government to use nuclear weapons in the which served as the foundation of an in-depth armed conflict against Ukraine. [...] CBA Well-Being In October 2022, the CBA partnered with the Federation of Law Societies of Canada and the Université de Sherbrooke to release the first-ever comprehensive National Study on the Psychological Determinants of Legal Professionals in Canada. [...] The CBR is a Facebook and X, our team advice from experts to the bilingual, open-access and saw substantial growth in personal stories of lawyers peer-reviewed journal of followers and engagement – regarding mental health and the CBA and aims to serve specifically when it came to advocacy for the LGBTQ2S+ the profession, the bench, 30,000 content4 regconference.a1rding national community.

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