CIGI Papers No. 278 — July 2023 - Canada Needs Its “New Approach” to
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CIGI Papers No. 278 — July 2023 - Canada Needs Its “New Approach” to

14 September 2023


laws, regulations and other instruments to deliver From a health, safety and security perspective, the better economic and social outcomes and thus system is proving to be effective time and time enhance the lives of citizens and business. [...] participate in the deliberations of the technical committee and in the drafting of the document. [...] the published standard back to their respective jurisdictions to determine whether to either: adopt Certification marks also bear specific identification the standard in regulation as is; apply deviations numbers referring to the relevant standard to the requirements that can be added in the used for testing the product. [...] is responsible for the accreditation of SDOs, the approval of NSCs, the management of participants → CSA: CSA was created in 1919 in Ottawa to and mirror committees at ISO and IEC and the adopt, adapt and develop standards supporting interface with other standards bodies through Canada’s industrialization. [...] In the Referencing a Standard with Additional case of a revision of a referenced standard, the Requirements regulation itself does not need to be adapted as Regulators sometimes determine that adherence the reference automatically corresponds to the to a given standard is not enough in itself to latest edition of the standard.

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